Matrix Array Technology uses multiple rows of crystals to help achieve uniform resolution throughout
the field of view.
Advanced Ergonomic Design features lightweight polymers and light, flexible cables for ease of
movement. Transducers are shaped for proper grip so they fit the hand comfortably, with ridges
for improved handing.

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    Description Broad-spectrum
    sector transducer

    Applications Abdominal,
    Obstetrics, Gynecology

    FOV 90º

    Bandwidth 2-6 MHz

    Biopsy Guide Multi-angle,
    disposable with a
    reusable bracket

    Navigation Yes


    With LOGIQ® E9 E-Series transducers, you now have the power to acquire extraordinary images
    on every patient, with transducer technology that helps increase penetration without sacrificing
    resolution. And with a comprehensive selection of transducers, you now have the tools that enable
    you to do the things you’ve never imagined ultrasound could do.


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